Alison Mason, Senior Physiotherapist

Qualifications:        BSc (Physiotherapy) Hons first class, Curtin University,
                                 Grad Dip Paediatric Neurological Rehabilitation, University of Western Australia
Paediatric Experience: Alison has 11 years experience working as a physiotherapist for babies and children. Alison also works at the Perth Children’s Hospital. She has a breadth of clinical experience having worked in London and Perth-based Child Development and Ability Centres.

Special Interests: supporting children with cerebral palsy. Alison completed her honours project supporting helping teenagers with CP to participate in circuit- training. She was a physiotherapist in a recent research project supporting school-aged children with CP to improve their running
and has extensive experience in early intervention for children with CP.  Alison is currently qualifying as a pilates instructor

What do you love most about Paediatric Physio? Kids keep you on your toes! never know what is coming next! Every session needs to be fresh and dynamic, you need to be creative and use your imagination to keep them engaged. It is incredibly rewarding to see children surprised, and inspired by the way their bodies move and proud of what they achieve. 

Vicky Mosnier, Senior Physiotherapist  

Qualifications:    BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy (1stClass, Chartered) University of the West of England 

Paediatric Experience: Vicky has10 years of experience working with babies and children both in the UK and Perth. Vicky has a breadth of experience, spanning public, disability and private sectors, including working for the NHS Gloucestershire Paediatric Physiotherapy team in the UK, as well as the Child Development Service and the Ability Centre in Perth.

Special Interests:Hypermobility, Vicky headed up the Paediatric hypermobility special interest group during her time working for the NHS and has extensive experience supporting children with hypermobility and poor coordination to achieve their goals. 

Vicky is a qualified Kid’s Yoga Teacher, and is passionate about sharing the evidence based benefits of yoga in supporting Children’s development, not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, socially and academically.  

What do you love most about Paediatric Physio? Being able to have fun and interact with such unique kids each day and having the opportunity to watch them make progress. I feel fortunate to work with such incredible families and to be lucky enough to truly enjoy my job!Type your paragraph here.

At Step by Step we specialise in paediatrics. We believe in the importance of building strong partnerships with families working collaboratively to reach meaningful goals. We all have extensive experience managing complex and varied conditions within hospital and community settings. ​​We love helping babies and children to have fun with movement by supporting them to participate in whatever they love. We are dedicated to providing evidence-based interventions in a fun, dynamic and personalised way from early intervention through to school age participation and beyond.

Lisa Cargeeg, Practice Director

Qualifications:Bachelor of Applied Science (Physio) Curtin University

Paediatric Experience: Lisa established Step by Step Physiotherapy in 2012. She has worked privately since 1996 and has over 30 years experience working as a physiotherapist at the Child Development Service, and at Princess Margaret and King Edwards Hospitals. Lisa is the private practise representative in the Perth Paediatric Physiotherapy Network and a member of the national paediatric branch of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.  

Special interests:Early Intervention, gentle and supportive development of early milestones. 
As the mother of 4 children herself, Lisa has substantial experience in providing practical advice and therapy strategies to families wanting to promote gross motor development of their baby or child within the context of busy family life. 

What do you love most about Paediatric Physio? I have always loved working with children, it is rewarding seeing them achieve milestones, and sharing their success with the parents. Working with babies and children has it’s challenges but it makes me more adaptable to the various little personalities, makes me creative in putting exercises into fun activities and guiding parents how they can be involved in doing some of these exercises in the day to day tasks.